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A fond farewell to the South Pacific sign

South Pacific Chinese restaurant neon sign

The South Pacific sign no longer looks over Beacon Street.

The South Pacific neon sign is gone.

It’s no surprise, really. The restaurant was closed for years and, according to word on the street, the property owner was just waiting for a new tenant before tearing down the sign.

Knowing that the sign’s days were limited, I would periodically drive by to check on its condition. It was sad to watch the charming neon palm tree and random stars slowly fade into oblivion as the elements took their toll.

But at least I was able to capture this image of the sign a few years ago. While not quite in its heyday, at least it had not completely rusted away.

And although I am no stranger to Chinese restaurants of questionable authenticity, I never patronized the South Pacific myself.  But it was a beloved local gathering spot, and many Newton residents have shared their recollections with me.

RIP South Pacific sign.

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