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Five great things about SoWa Open Market

Photo of Shell gasoline sign

One of the photos from my neon sign collection, available on paper or metal.

As I have written previously in this blog, art fairs are hard but I keep going back. Sunday was my first day back at the SoWa Open Market for the 2013 season, and — with the exception of a few raindrops — things were off to an auspicious start.  Here are the five best things about the day.

My tent didn’t leak. Yes, it rained. Yes, there were puddles in the parking lot.  And, yes, there were some dicey moments during set-up when I scrambled to keep things dry. But once I got the tent set up, I stayed dry during the morning’s on-and-off showers.  And that brings me to . . .

Helpful people. Thank you to the SoWa staffers who helped me set up my tent in record time and who helped me unload those last few items from my car. Set-up can be challenging even in good weather, and these guys and gals do a great job controlling the chaos.

Puppies! What can I say? SoWa is a virtual puppy-palooza and one of the most entertaining parts of the day is watching the canine parade outside my booth. Labradoodles galore, along with little Pomeranians, elegant greyhounds, and the urban dog du jour, French bulldogs.

Fashion. And when I’m not watching the pups, I’m stealing fashion ideas from the stylish hipsters who wander by.

Sunshine. Yes, the day started wet and dreary. But the sun came out in early afternoon, and so did the crowds. A great day overall.

So thank you to everyone who came buy to say hello, share some information, buy a couple of magnets, or pick up a print from my new neon sign series. Your support is much appreciated!

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