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One of my pins is this photo from the Neon Boneyard, which I shot in Las Vegas a few years ago.

By now you’ve likely heard of Pinterest the latest social networking tool to captivate users.

If not, here’s a quick overview. Pinterest is an an online bulletin board that allows people to assemble, organize, and share images.  Unlike other social sharing sites, like Facebook or Twitter, Pinterest is based on visual content.

Launched three years ago, the application grew at lightning speed and is now considered one of the top social media platforms in the U.S.

Some basic terms:  A pin is an image on Pinterest; users can link to an online image or upload an image from their computers.  Users pin items to one or more boards, which are organized by topic or category. Pinterest users can share content by repinning items to their own boards. Like other social networks, Pinterest allows users to follow one another.

So why do people use Pinterest?  Top uses include sharing recipes, fashion ideas, home decorating tips, and travel recommendations.  But, honestly, I don’t use Pinterest for any of those reasons.

Selected Pinterest boards for Susan Bregman

Here are a few of my Pinterest boards

Plain and simple: Pinterest is a great tool for visual artists.  We can share our own work, find inspiration in the work of others, and curate a collection that represents our point of view.  Think of it as a visual artist statement.

Pinterest lets me merge my varied personal, artistic, and professional interests.  I have set up boards  to display my photographs, highlight some fridge magnets from my Etsy shop, and share the work from some of my artist friends.  Another board displays transportation-related art and fun transit-inspired accessories.  I also have boards devoted to cityscapes and neon signs. And last, but not least, I recently created a board to share these blog posts.

Intrigued? Check out my boards at  Happy pinning!

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