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Four New England landscapes from Hockman photo calendar

Nice cow! Detail from Doug Hockman Photography 2013 calendar, which is available on Etsy

I’ve been on Etsy for just over a year now — as a seller and as a customer — and I have found some extraordinary items. First, a quick introduction to Etsy for those who may not be familiar with it. Etsy is an online marketplace for handmade and vintage goods.  Sort of like eBay for crafts, although the comparison is not exactly accurate.

The last time I checked, Etsy had more than 17 million items for sale.  And while it’s easy to get lost browsing through the Christmas ornaments and the customized dog sweaters, it’s also easy to discover new artists and make new connections. Here are some of my favorite photographers on Etsy.

I just found the work of Portland (OR) photographer Danielle Denham. I have only been to Portland once, and it was a quick  business trip, so I only remember two things: The size and scale reminded me of Boston and they have a weather phenomenon known as frozen fog.  Which really sounds like it should be a delightful cocktail (along with the New England equivalent — wintry mix). But I digress. Danielle’s work includes a lot of distressed neon signs, printed in a Lomography-inspired style, that make me want to visit the Northwest again.  Check out The PDX Photographer.

I know Doug Hockman from the art fair circuit, mostly the SoWa Open Market, but he’s also on Etsy. Doug’s photos focus on quiet New England landscapes and seascapes, and his 2013 calendar captures the essence of the region’s seasons. Check out Doug Hockman Photography.

Much of Rebecca Plotnick’s work revolves around her travels in Europe and, especially, her on-going love affair with Paris. But her portfolio also has a few gems for transit aficionados like me, including a photo of an abandoned streetcar she encountered in Brooklyn. Check out Rebecca Plotnick Photography.

Kevin Klima takes pictures of vintage neon signs in Chicago and environs. His work includes a string of motels, bowling alleys, burger joints, and — my personal favorite — Pekin House Chop Suey. Check out Kevin Klima Photography.

And, in case you’re wondering, here’s a link to RedNickel, which is my Etsy shop.

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