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What happened to the summer?

Today is Labor Day, which closes the book on what turned out to be a rough summer for art fairs. I had to cancel my participation at the Coolidge Corner Arts Festival — long one of my favorite events — because of torrential rains and I bowed out of my SoWa July date because of the heat.  Which left me with a lot of time to think about new directions for my work.

My light bulb moment: Go back to neon signs and cityscapes — my early sources of inspiration — but with a new spin. Put down the Holga for a while and try my hand at digital shots. But once a Holga gal, always a Holga gal. So I set myself a specific challenge: Recreate the feeling of retro film photographs in a digital world.

I’m pretty excited about the results. Here are a few; you can check out the collection in my RedNickel Etsy shop.

Collection of photos from Red Nickel


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