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Neon in New York

Photo of neon sign with palm treets

Holga shot of a neon sign near Times Square

I ran across a pretty interesting blog the other day called New York Neon. The blog is one component of a larger book project, where Thomas E. Rinaldi records the history of the glowing signs that used to dominate New York City’s streetscape. The blog is packed with technical details about individual signs — both famous and obscure — along with discourses on the history of neon.  In at least two instances I encountered pictures of signs I photographed when I was recently in New York, one of which has already found its way into a fridge magnet. The blog gets bonus points for finding a way to link vintage neon signs with Working Girl, one of my favorite guilty-pleasure movies.  (The hook, if you’re interested, is the identity of a now-dark neon sign visible in a key scene in the movie.)

Neon, of course, is one of my favorite photographic subjects and I’ve shot vintage neon signs with film (black-and-white, infrared, and color) and digital cameras.  I took this shot in New York last December. Neon, palm trees, and Havana — a photographic trifecta.  I took a lot of shots, with my Holga and my digital camera, but this Holga double exposure is my favorite.

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